World Cup 2022: Robbie Williams does not approve HR abuse, but defends his participation in Qatar World Cup

Although several artists have refused to attend or participate in the World Cup in Qatar, arguing that their decision is due to the constant violations of human rights in that country, several others will perform at the event.

One of them is British singer Robbie Williams, who has defended his decision to perform in Qatar during the World Cup, stating that it would be “hypocritical” not to go.

He has received criticism on social networks

Williams, 48, has been criticized by hundreds of people on social networks for agreeing to sing at the tournament because of the country’s human rights record, its stance on homosexuality and its treatment of migrant workers. Musicians such as Dua Lipa, Shakira and Rod Stewart have recently stated that they will not perform there.

Williams, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Venerd di Repubblica, said, “Of course, I don’t condone any abuse of human rights anywhere. But, having said that, if we don’t condone human rights abuses anywhere, then it would be the shortest tour the world has ever known: I wouldn’t be able to perform even in my own kitchen.”

Williams will perform at Qatar’s Doha Golf Club on Dec. 8.

“We would have to apply the same thing all over the world.”

Robbie Williams added: “You have this microscope that says ‘OK, these are the bad guys, and we have to unite against them.’ I think the hypocrisy is that if we take that case in this place, we have to apply it unilaterally to the world. So if we apply that unilaterally to the world, nobody can go anywhere.”

“What we’re saying is, ‘Behave like us, or we’ll annex you from society. Behave like us, because we’re clear on that.'”

Amnesty International has called on Williams to use his concert to publicly address the allegations against Qatar.

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