World Cup 2022: Maluma storms out an interview after being grilled about human rights and the World Cup

Maluma was visibly enraged when being interviewed by a World Cup correspondent of the Israeli Kan-Tv about his presence at the greatest event in soccer and abruptly picks up and refuses to continue the conversation, leaving the reporter more than confused.

Qatar and human rights violations

It is no secret that everything surrounding the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has been very controversial, mostly because it is completely different from other World Cups.

To kick things off, the schedule of the event had to be changed from the summer to the winter due to extreme weather conditions, secondly being that it is a country ruled by the Muslim faith, there are many restrictions for the attendees that must adhere to the customs of the faith.

Dua Lipa and Shakira refused to perform

Along with these two situations, there is an issue with human rights violations that became very popular and has the world raising a brow, for the construction of the stadiums and venues of the World Cup, there were reports that they hired international labor workers and withheld their passports.

This was only one of a series of issues that have caused artists such as Dua Lipa and Shakira to turn down their participation to sing the official song due to these concerns.

Maluma was in the middle of the interview when the correspondent brought out the human rights violation and began grilling the pop star about his stance on the issue.

Do you have a problem ‘white washing the event’?

The reporter mentioned that Maluma was teaming up with Nikki Minaj and then mentioned the reasons why Shakira and Dua Lipa refused to play in the event. Maluma was quick to bring out evasive responses, saying that he was just there to enjoy the greatest soccer party in the world.

He got up and left

When the interviewer kept on grilling him asking if he was okay with that, Maluma was seen as angry and simply took off and left, saying that the reporter was being rude.

Maluma, Nikki Minaj, and Myriam Fares are the three singers that will perform at the inauguration of the event.

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