World Cup 2022: Luis Enrique’s lapse in placing Costa Rica in South America

Luis Enrique made a mistake during his press conference on Friday. The coach of the Spanish national team said the country of Costa Rica is South America when it is really in Central America.

The pair are set to face off in the World Cup, and his comments have sparked some tensions.

“It’s a team that qualified in the play-off they call it, they played against New Zealand, they took a 1-0 lead and played with an extra man,” Luis Enrique said at a press conference.

“In that same match they started with a back four and ended up with a back five. There are some players known to the Spaniards like Keylor Navas and Campbell, who had experience in our country. It’s a South American team, the South Americans know what they play, they know what they do. And with an experienced coach it will be difficult for sure.”

A mistake that didn’t go down well with the Ticos and prompted journalists to ask Azpilicueta about it at Saturday’s press conference, although the Navarrese answered the question correctly.

Another incentive

“Serious geographical error by the Spanish coach, which could just be a momentary slip of the tongue, or a very common way of referring to the Spanish in this part of the world, with no malicious intent,” said Costa Rican media outlet ‘Cr.hoy’.

“Let’s hope that this is not the only mistake of the coach and that he will be full of hundreds of them in his debut against the Costa Rican National Team next Wednesday 23rd of November.”

Azpilicueta justifies his coach

Cesar Azpilicueta justified the mistake of his coach when he placed Costa Rica in South America, and said that “a little slip-up” can happen to anyone.

“Yesterday we were in the game room and we were watching it. We can all have a little lapse and we can make a mistake without bad intentions,” he said when asked by a Costa Rican journalist.

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