World Cup 2022: Calvin Harris under fire by LGBT+ activists for his upcoming performance at Qatar World Cup

One of the artists who will perform during the Qatar 2022 World Cup is Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, who is under heavy pressure from LGBT rights activists not to do so.

Harris’ performance will be on December 10 as the headline act at the FIFA Fan Fest, which will be held at Doha’s Al Bidda Park. The pressure comes from groups that have been demonstrating through social networks and protesting against the human rights violations they allege are occurring in the Arab country.

One of his longtime fans is calling on him to come to his senses

Peter Tatchell is a veteran gay rights activist. In his 70s, he declares himself a great Calvin Harris fan, who has at least a couple of tracks that are considered gay anthems: We Found Love and Promises.

“I’m a big fan of Calvin Harris, so I’m incredibly disappointed that he’s performing in a country where women, LGBT+ people and migrant workers are treated as second-class citizens. He has been bought by the Qataris, just like other big stars like David Beckham and Robbie Williams,” he said.

“They have sold their soul and their principles for million-dollar deals, putting profits before principles. It is a slap in the face to Qataris who are suffering from the regime’s repression,” he added.

Push for other celebrities to refuse to participate

In recent weeks and days, several music stars have refused to work in Qatar because of its negative human rights-related record.

“I urge Harris and other stars to do some soul-searching, pull out of the Qatar deal and stand up for human rights,” Tatchell said.

Among the artists who have refused to participate in the World Cup are Rod Stewart, Dua Lipa and Shakira, although others have accepted, such as Britain’s Robbie Williams.

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