Wanda Nara finally confesses the reason for her divorce from Icardi

Although the rumours are that Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi‘s marriage ended because of his sporadic relationship with Argentinian actress China Suarez, this is not the case.

As Nara herself has confessed in an interview to the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’: “I didn’t expect it, Mauro had never given me reason to be jealous. It was bad, but then I realised that we don’t live in a Disney fairytale and that certain things can happen,” she said.

“I met Mauro when he 18 years old, he wasn’t experienced. I think that’s why. In fact, after the fact, he realised even more how much he loved me. I forgave the mistake, the problem was something else,” explained Nara.

She went on to explain the reasons for this estrangement: “We have already signed the separation. Mauro didn’t want to and it was very difficult, because I still love him very much.

“But things weren’t working out, the atmosphere was bad at home and at one point I told him: ‘Let’s stop’. We made love until the end, then I went to Argentina. I did advertising campaigns and hosted TV shows. I was away for two months. The distance didn’t help.”

Wanda’s return to work

The main reason for their separation was because of Nara’s concerns. After dedicating herself for a decade to taking care of her five children, she wants to return to challenges left in the past. And Icardi didn’t like that.

“The truth is that I had five children, I breastfed them all, raised them and devoted myself to them for 10 years,” Nara added.

“I had recently told Mauro that I wanted to go back to work, and he didn’t like it. It’s rare for a footballer’s wife to work.

“For a long time I only took care of my children and my husband, but now I want to get my time back. And I’m going back to my profession: in Argentina they keep offering me programmes to host and I really like television.

“He doesn’t like the idea that it takes attention away from the family. Whereas for me independence is fundamental: it is the path to freedom.

“So every now and then he tries to win me back, the other day he came to pick me up at the airport with a car full of flowers, then he took me out to dinner and said, ‘I’m not giving up’. Alright, but I know that if we get together again and in two months I mention a new job offer, we’ll be back to square one.

“My mother was an actress when she was young. She met my father and quit. And I, in 2022, I can’t let history repeat itself.”

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