United Fan Culture Archive: The Clarke family of Trafford Park celebrate Man Utd’s 1977 FA Cup triumph

In the image, you can see John’s grandparents, Michael and Rose, his father and mother, James and Christine, and his uncles, Peter, Vincent and John.


“I think my uncle Vincent had played rugby in the morning as he’s wearing his school team’s shirt,” explains John, “and I never saw my grandad in anything other than a suit! The photo was posted on Twitter and someone joked: ‘Bill Shankly looks surprisingly happy!’


“Vincent told me they locked my mum out in the backyard at half-time – after she’d gone to use the outside toilet – because she was a Scouser! She was an Everton fan from a family of Toffees, so they let her back in for the second half…


“My uncle Peter told me how excited he was to see United in the Cup final again, after the heartbreak of the Southampton defeat the year before, which was his first season watching United. He remembered watching the build-up through the day – It’s a Knockout and other silly features.


“After the game he said there was euphoria in the area, with everyone out on the street. His first priority was to go out and recreate the game with his mates, and then all the locals headed to the newsagents, Johnny White’s, for 6pm, to get their hands on the Football Pink to read the report.”

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