The World Cup scares Elise Kellond-Knight. of Australia

Elise Kellond-Knight The Australian veteran is facing a prolonged spell on the sidelines after injuring his hamstring while training less than five months before the Women’s World Cup kicks off.

Kellon-night Melbourne midfielder Victory, 32, injured her left Achilles tendon on Friday. and disqualified from the remainder of the A-League season ending in April. She will undergo a surgical consultation in the coming days, the club said.

The club did not provide details of her World Cup participation. Australia will host New Zealand from July 20 to August 20. An Achilles rupture can take four to six months to heal.

Vera Pauw’s Republic of Ireland open their World Cup campaign against Australia at the 82,500-capacity Accor Stadium on July 20.

Kellon-night The international, who has made more than 100 caps since his debut in 2007, returned to the national team last November after a 2-1/2-year absence, suffering an ACL in 2020.

Australian head coach Tony Gustafsson said: “We are all heartbroken and deeply saddened for Elise with this latest injury news.

“KK is one of the strongest and most resilient personnel and players I have ever coached. Our staff, our staff and Football Australia as an organization will surround her with strong concern and support in Difficult times.”

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