The Tottenham defender who almost quit football because he won the world cup before the London derby

Tottenham’s Cristian Romero has told Sky Sports that his journey since the age of 17 almost became a World Cup winner. Watch Tottenham vs Arsenal live on Super Sunday this weekend on Sky Sports Premier League kick-off 4.30pm. n.

Cristian Romero interview: The Tottenham defender who almost quit football because he won the world cup before the London derby

Tottenham’s Cristian Romero has told Sky Sports that his journey since the age of 17 almost became a World Cup winner. Watch Tottenham vs Arsenal live on Super Sunday this weekend on Sky Sports Premier League kick-off 4.30pm. n.

For Tottenham and Christian Romero, it’s all about the return path.

in the North London derby against Arsenal on Sunday. Live on Sky Sports Premier League This is not the situation Spurs envisioned at the start of the season. Last term, the two teams were two points apart. Now they’re pretty chalky and cheesy.

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Conte expects great derby atmosphere against Arsenal
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Arsenal lead the Premier League table, showing near-perfect consistency throughout the campaign. On the other side of the division You don’t know Antonio’s Spurs team. What version of Conte do you get each week?

Spurs had to deal with the context of being 14 points behind their opponents on Super Sunday, but it meant little to Romero.

“I think we can come back from this back,” the defender told Sky Sports in an exclusive interview. “But there is more work we have to do. use everything we have

“If you’re the leader of the league You deserve to be there and that’s where they are. But we want to be there by ourselves. We knew we had to improve a lot. But we are working hard thinking about us, not them.”

Romero knows his return from despair. All signs are pointing your way, though. At just 17, the central defender almost walked out of the game after being frozen at boyhood club Belgrano as they battled relegation from the Argentine top flight. Tina

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“I haven’t played a couple of games badly. Then the boss said something bad. about me,” Romero recalls.

“It was a very difficult time, I was very young, it was my first year of playing professionally. Then I spent about 18 months on the bench. always single player Always play as a substitute.

Romero tries to move away. With European clubs interested in young defenders But Belgrano refused to let him go. That was almost the last straw in his blossoming career.

“I said [to the management]: ‘I don’t want to train anymore. I will stop playing football I’m going to work with my father or do something else,’” he recalls. “All because they got in the way of my career.

“I didn’t train for a few days because I didn’t feel ready. Then the sporting director came to me and said, ‘OK, let’s go’.

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look at romero now It’s not just the famous Premier League players with Tottenham. But consecutive winners against Argentina, Copa America, final, World Cup: all in the bag. You wonder what Belgrano’s hierarchy thought of Romero’s success.

“Ultimately, these things are valuable to make everything stronger in your head,” he said when asked if he recalled that moment when lifting the World Cup this winter.

“If I don’t go through that. I would be worse This is a good time for me to grow up. Now it’s a good memory for me.

“To play here in the Premier League, to be with Argentina, to win trophies with Argentina. These things are all from the past.”
Still, there were some critics – more to his character than to his talent. For example, Argentina’s antics en route to the World Cup were questioned. Especially wildly celebrated with the Netherlands and France.

Featured 2 outstanding images: Romero joins his national team-mates in heading their Dutch counterparts seconds after their quarter-final penalty shoot-out victory. And Romero yelled at Kylian Mbappe’s hat-trick hero after Lionel Messi led Argentina to a 3-2 win over Argentina in the final.

When asked if people were joking with Argentina too much, Romero quickly replied, “Yes, because people only see pictures.

“People don’t think about what they said before that we got here. in a game against Holland They talk too much before the game. And we are frustrated with that.

“They say we lack respect. But that’s not true. You can understand what will happen next.”

When asked about the incident with Mbappe, Romero replied: “In the game against France. It was the same, Messi scored (Argentina’s third goal) and it all came out. It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world. But it all came out.

Romero is now facing another big game on Sunday. which is the biggest game on Tottenham’s calendar. Don’t be surprised if the mood comes through again from the Argentine defender.

“It’s always there. It is what it is,” Romero said when asked where his aggressive style of play came from. “The most important thing in me

“I think there are some people out there who think I’ve done something wrong. The aggression – in my opinion – is a slight exaggeration. The way I play keeps me where I am. which is one of those things.”

Romero spoke Italian in this interview. Didn’t even mention Arsenal’s name once. He often mentions the names of Tottenham clubs, Belgrano, as well as former clubs Atalanta and Genoa.

But while describing Mikel Arteta’s side, it’s ‘loro’ (they).

“If I had to say anything about them. They have a strong squad,” said Romero. “The players and the manager have been together for a long time.

“They are at a pivotal moment in what they have been building over the years. And we see that they are doing well now. For us, we are in a position that still has to grow.

“This game is important, we have to win. We need a result, it will be difficult, but I believe in our team, between us we are always motivated. It’s not just Derby. Even if it’s a game very important game

“The Premier League is difficult. There are so many strong teams that you play in that you have to give 100 per cent. If not, you cannot play in this kind of weather.

“We know there have been a few ups and downs this season, we have to say, but we hope to win. We will do everything to win this game at home.”

Watch Tottenham vs Arsenal live on Sky Sports Premier League on Super Sunday this weekend, kicking off at 4.30pm.

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