Ten Hag has no regrets about leaving Ronaldo, Maguire out of Man Utd’s last Liverpool meeting

Ten Hag has no regrets about leaving Ronaldo, Maguire out of Man Utd’s last Liverpool meeting

Ten Hag has no regrets about leaving Ronaldo, Maguire out of Man Utd’s last Liverpool meeting

Cristiano Ronaldo (centre) was on the bench when Manchester United last faced Liverpool

Erik ten Hag has not lost sleep over his decision to bench Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Maguire for Manchester United’s game against Liverpool in August.

After starting their Premier League campaign with successive defeats to Brighton and Hove Albion and Brentford – the second of which was a 4-0 loss – United started their season by beating Liverpool 2-1 at Old Trafford.

United have been in better shape since under Ten Hag, who claimed his first trophy as Red Devils boss last week when his team beat Newcastle United 2-0 in the EFL Cup final.

They head into Sunday’s meeting with Liverpool at Anfield in third place, 10 points above their sixth-placed hosts.

Ten Hag made two big calls by leaving Ronaldo and club captain Maguire at his side in previous outings, but he has no regrets about the decision, and suggested it would have happened even if the outcome had been different.

“I have to see and face the consequences. The impact of that decision, not only in the short term, but in the long term, of course,” he told a press conference.

“I think you always have to think statistically and [consider] what the consequences are in the long term. I realize it, but that’s my job and that’s the responsibility I have to take on.

“I have my reasons, that’s clear. And I also know the consequences and also when it’s a negative result of a game, which is always possible in football.

“But I’m not worried. I slept well, those nights too, and I have to make decisions about the team and the club. It’s my job and a responsibility I have to take and I have to stand up.” for that decision.”

Ten Hag’s decision paid off, although Maguire – who turned 30 on Sunday – remained at Old Trafford as a minor player, Ronaldo leaving the club in November after an inflammatory interview in which he criticized the United manager.

While Ronaldo has since left, his former Real Madrid team-mate Casemiro has had great success since his arrival.

“I had a player at Ajax who set such standards, but for sure Casemiro is in this team, he is a leader and he is very important for us,” Ten Hag replied when asked if he had coached a player like Casemiro.

“Not only with his performances, his skills, like scoring goals, or headers, or like connecting or intercepting the ball. Organization, mentality, culture and we are very happy to have signed him.

“I think when you go into recruitment we’re looking for players with character, with personality and it’s not just about signing players – there are lots of players in the world who have great skills. We’re looking for players who have Character. Players who have personality, are leaders, take responsibility answer, tenacious.”

Indeed, there are no surprises for Ten Hag regarding the quality of Casemiro.

He said: “I know he’s an amazing player. Just look at his profile. You see all the trophies he’s won and it’s no coincidence.

“You have players who are winning, and always winning, and players who are losing and always losing. Of course, you have to do your research and find the type who is going to win and who is cooperative in the locker room to be humble but when they are on the pitch they are responsible and You can sit on the bench and you are calm.”

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