Tax Rebates: What to do if I missed the deadline to be eligible for the $800 rebate?

In the great state of South Carolina, there will be thousands of Americans who are goint to wake up to direct payments of up to $800. These payments came due to a tax rebate that was issued across the state to eligible residents of South Carolina. All of those who fulfil their tax paying duties in 2021 before October 17, could be eligible to get the almost $1,000 payment. Lawmakers from the state were the ones who greenlit the distrubution of these tax rebates, it all happened during a session in the month of June. This was included in a $13.8 billion budget bill.

All of these rebates combines are worth an estimated $1 billion, the South Carolina Department of Revenue confirmed that people who missed the October dealine can still get their rebate. However, this payment won’t reach their bank account until March 2023. Folks who filled out a federal return or didn’t file their taxes will have to do a little effort before they see that money. If people missed that November 1 deadline, they will still need to offer their address but their rebate will be delayed.

How can I see if I can still apply for these tax rebates?

Taxpayers who want to get their hands on those $800 direct payments have their own deadline until February 15, 2023 to file their tax returns. You can log into the state’s DOR website in order to get the proper tax information that can be filed. The South Carolina Department of Revenue is a great way to get things done more easily through the tools they have at people’s disposal. People with an amount on line ten of their individual Tax Income Return of 2021 can still get the payment.

If you add credits from lines 21 and 22 and substract the sum from the number on line 15 can give applicants an idea of how much they will get in these payments. If the rebate you get is not what you expected, you will get the same amount you came up with in your calculations. Any sum bigger than or equal to the cap means you should get all $800. Any 2021 taxpayer that got a refund via direct deposit will get their rebate on the same day. Any other payments will be sent through paper checks on the mail.

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