Ronaldo gives England’s World Cup verdict and predicts Ballon d’Or winner – :

England reached the quarter-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup before losing to France to regret what might have been, and they were led by Brazilian legend Ronaldo.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo believes Kylian Mbappe is ready to rule the world and become the best player on the planet.

And the former Real Madrid superstar also insisted that England should be “proud” of Qatar’s World Cup performance. Speaking to Mirror Sport, Ronaldo revealed exactly why French striker Mbappe reminds him of himself during his playing days.

Mbappé already has the world at his feet as France are hot favorites to win the World Cup, but it could also signal a changing of the guard in who is considered the best player in the world.

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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has already been eliminated and Argentine superstar Lionel Messi is desperate to crown his brilliant career by winning the World Cup, but Mbappé has a great chance of winning the trophy for the second time in a row.

Ronaldo, one of the World Cup’s all-time greats, said after lifting the trophy with Brazil in 2002: “I can talk about how fast he is, how good he is and it reminded me of when I was playing. He knows how to use his skills, how to go faster than other players and use this skill to assist or score goals.

“I think France is the favorite team to win the World Cup. That’s what I said before the World Cup started, and for me Mbappe will be the best player in the World Cup.”

But Ronaldo was quick to say England were unfortunate to lose to France in the quarter-finals – but insists they have nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, Ronaldo even compared England’s exit to Brazil, who lost to Croatia on penalties.

Ronaldo said: “Don’t forget… England played very good football against France. I think the same thing happened to them as Brazil. I think England played very well but in the end it came down to small details and they changed the whole outcome of the match. But England should be proud of the World Cup they played and the way they played it.”

Ronaldo, who speaks perfect English, Spanish and also Italian, insisted that the World Cup in Qatar was charming – beautiful – and that the organization was “impeccable”.

But it also ended in heartbreak for Brazil star Neymar, who threatened to quit the national team after a hugely disappointing loss to Croatia on penalties. However, Ronaldo has no doubts that Neymar will change his mind – and could even play at the next World Cup.

Ronaldo added: “I think Neymar is very upset about Brazil’s performance at the World Cup. It’s normal to feel this way for now.

“But I’m also sure he’ll come back stronger and continue to play for the national team, he’s still young at 31, I think he can play at the next World Cup.

“I am very happy that he has shown commitment to the Brazilian national team in the last six months. He behaved, took care of himself and played a very good game, in the first game he got a very strong tackle on his ankle.YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH,YH

“But he made a huge sacrifice to play for the national team again. He played very well in the last game, I think he is very important for us, so I hope he recovers soon and will be strong again in the world of football with PSG and the Brazilian national team.”

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