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Romelu Lukaku is proving to be a very costly mistake for Chelsea, one made by the previous owners that our current owners now have to try and deal with.

What is making things worse is his form and injuries this season. Just like at Chelsea, Lukaku is not playing at his best back in Serie A, and Inter Milan’s owner Beppe Moratta, is starting to talk about it.

He’s even now come out in public and said that Lukaku will be returning to Chelsea this summer, because it was only a 1-year loan that was agreed.

The fact that Beppe Moratta has been so vocal in saying that Lukaku is not the player they had before, could be clever negotiation tactics in an attempt to land Lukaku on a permanent bargain deal.

Coming back to Chelsea might be an option for Inter, but will it be for Graham Potter and Chelsea? That will be the key. Perhaps more importantly, will it be an option for Chelsea fans?

There is no way that the fans will accept Lukaku back, and it seems he certainly doesn’t want to come back. Bridges have been burned and cannot be rebuilt in my view. We might just have to take a big hit on this.

Chelsea fans remember all the drama from last season, the infamous Italy with Sky Italy, Lukaku’s terrible form with us, his bad attitude, and him falling out with manager Thomas Tuchel at the time. Chelsea fans remember all of that and they will not forget.

Any Blues fans I’ve spoken to would absolutely detest Lukaku coming back and he is not welcome here anymore. I agree with that stance.

We don’t need him anywhere near our club, in my humble opinion

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