Rangers lead Norwich midfielder chase after positive talks

Rangers have held talks with Todd Cantwell, who has backed a move to Ibrox ahead of any other offers. The Scottish Premiership side have not made a formal offer for Norwich, Michael Beale is considering options. After talking to the player

Todd Cantwell: Rangers lead Norwich midfielder chase after positive talks

Rangers have held talks with Todd Cantwell, who has backed a move to Ibrox ahead of any other offers. The Scottish Premiership side have not made a formal offer for Norwich, Michael Beale is considering options. After talking to the player

Rangers lead the chase for Todd Norwich’s Cantwell After speaking positively with the midfielder, however, Sky Sports News understands there has not yet been an official bid for the player.

Cantwell, 24, is free to speak to other clubs as his contract expires at Carrow Road in the summer and new manager David Wagner has made it clear he is free to find another club.

Sky Sports News understands Cantwell, who has four England Under-21 caps, would prefer a move to Ibrox before any other options are offered to him.

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Sky Sports News reported earlier this week that an unnamed Championship club had made a bid for the player. But that offer was rejected by Norwich, with no further offers for Cantwell since.

It is understood that Michael Beale, head of the Rangers team. Weighing the options as he bids to increase his team. And when asked about Cantwell, he said: “He’s a very talented player. And there will be a lot of interest in him.”

“He is my favorite player. I respectfully said last week that I couldn’t say more.

“I don’t think you’re freaking out, what you (the media) are implying.”

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‘New signings could come next week’

Beale revealed the club could announce their first January signings next week after holding talks with several targets over the past few days.

“It’s progressing well. I am satisfied with where it is,” he added.

“As soon as there is clear news We’ll let everyone know. We are eager to let everyone know. But these things take time.”

“My work is done. if it makes sense And now it’s over with everyone else. to manage matters to finish”

“But as far as I can see I am satisfied with the way 2 or 3 things are going. They are heading in the right direction.”

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“I don’t think anyone came before this game. And I don’t want to disturb the group either.

“Hopefully next week we will see one or two things confirmed.

“Maybe three or four. It could be one or two.

“They must be the right people. a meeting took place it’s good These things are never as fast as the fans want.”

“The windows opened and the fans immediately wanted someone there. It doesn’t always work that way, but I’m sure.

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Melissa Reddy: Behind Man City’s transformation Ten’s United Hug since losing to Derby

Erik ten Hag’s supreme authority is breeding the idea of victory. Players feel like they are properly coached, fixed and led by the club. Ten Hag is looking to make United better in the near term. while planning for stability and success in the future

Before the Manchester Derby Sky Sports News senior correspondent Melissa Reddy analyzes Manchester United’s transformation under Erik ten Hag.

Manchester is covered in charcoal paint. The sky was cracked with rain as background noise during conversations in the shadows of Old Trafford.

“The boss has a great plan,” the Manchester United staff started, emphasizing its merits. before adding that “But working under different managers and being part of different dressing rooms. I would say that his greatest strength is How did he react? Especially in the dark times.”

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It’s the right skill to circle Erik ten Haag as he prepares for the second derby in England. Because the first time is one of the key turning points that requires a powerful response.

In October, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City “bashed” United – to squash the Dutchman’s commentaries – ending a four-match winning streak and underlining their troubled inferiority complex.

The opening half at the Etihad threatened to derail all the progress Ten Hag had made to the team after Brighton and Brentford’s frenetic slashes early on in the game, City taking a 4-0 lead. during the break But the score still stunned United.

One senior player revealed that Ten Hag’s clear and assertive talk at halftime despite the game’s circumstances “Change our minds,” but more than that. “Showed us that he was a true leader and believed in us during the worst of times. Maybe when we don’t I don’t know how to believe in myself.”

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United had already lost in that derby. but came back stronger in the second half That had little effect on the final scoreline at 6-3, but had a deeper impact moving forward.

Ten Hag calls the grueling game a There is a “due check” for United, who beat Liverpool and Arsenal – they remain the only side to oust league leaders Mikel Arteta this season – but are facing another crisis of confidence. The day after the derby The manager held several meetings that touched on different aspects. The first is psychological.

He told his players that their attitude was wrong and within 10 minutes of the start of the match. Their body language indicates that they are throwing in the towel.

Time-wasting problem breaks Premier League record
Ten Hag wanted to understand why a team with a “good atmosphere, good spirit” could win over Liverpool and Arsenal with discipline and dedication to his principles. Betrayed them without even trying at City. Why didn’t they reverse themselves when they did?

Collectively and individually, the 52-year-old demonstrated the moments in attack and defense that United were confident of having achieved in the last match. This ties into the frank truth about City’s lack of fighting, unacceptable efforts and risking through all the bad decisions that were in possession and in transition.

During the conclusion of the head coach’s analysis following the derby, Ten Hag pulled out all the opportunities that United could be aggressive. But opted to let Guardiola’s men take their course. One example is Phil Foden’s debut build.

United hold the ball in great positions to spark a counter-attack. But made the wrong choice during the transitional period. which resulted in Jadon Sancho gets the ball off the left with the team out of shape.

They were so chaotic that the back four turned into a back seven, with Scott McTominay, Diogo Dalot, Rafael Varane, Lisandro Martine. H, Christian Eriksen, Sancho and Tyrell Malacia backed the ball as Foden first gained possession.

But nobody pressured the ball, leaving Joao Cancelo, Bernardo Silva and ultimately England to do as they wished.

Ten Hag felt bad as he broke the mistake. and in leaving United We know that after the Ferguson era Dressing rooms are not kept private or look for ways to scapegoat others in public or private.

The manner in which Tenhag delivered a speech gave the feeling of being “Education over undressing He held them accountable and they really wanted to take responsibility.”

Pep plotting ‘nonsense’ for Man Utd | Did he overthink it?

A line repeated by many teams in pre-season returns: for the first time in this era players feel properly coached, fixed and in charge of the club.

Since the derby, United have won 14 of their 17 matches in all competitions. by losing a single match

The team responded clearly to Ten Hag’s methods and enjoyed the depth of clarity and guidance they had under him.

Fastest manager in history to record 20 wins at United Bought because of his great ability on the training ground. And most importantly, how he rules.

“Nobody can do anything against him,” Bruno Fernandes told Sky Sports News in the summer. And as has been proven to be the case in the most high-profile situations. It began in the team that Ten Hag’s authority at United was top notch.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants more power than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick with his preferred club hierarchy. All departments in United From medicine to media One source said. “Be there to serve Cristiano”

A flagged example was the Portugal international’s decision to fly to Portugal last March without informing the club after being told he would not start a Manchester derby at Eti. HUD by Rang Nick

The unauthorized travel was explained as the striker reported hip flexion issues. But this is a problem in itself.

“You have a player who diagnoses himself, leaves the club, leaves the club without a recovery plan without permission,” Rangnick’s colleague explains.

“Instead of any punishment Instead, he was excused and there were excuses for him. It shows other players. I saw that Ronaldo was above any rules. and he is the controller.”

While his predecessors worried about when and how to drop the 37-year-old, as well as how to comply with his demands on style of play and who should not be in the starting XI. Ten Hag was not so worried.

He did not allow Ronaldo to overshadow the club’s outstanding performances in the club’s pre-season tour of Thailand and Australia. and the subsequent presence and touchiness to dominate the new culture he created at the club.

Under Ten Hag, Cristiano was no longer the exception to the rule. The manager’s little but total chaos when dealing with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is a strong and important signal for the team.

Although fines for misconduct remain in place, Ten Hag disagrees with the idea as the ideal form of punishment for multi-millionaires. Cash is used for team meals or other meetings.

It’s almost rewarding and that’s heartening for Ten Hag, who believes that if your behavior affects football, it’s a reward. Punishment should include sports punching.

In-form Marcus Rashford arrived late to a team meeting after getting too much sleep and was left on the bench against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Although United are inferior in the offensive line

instead of grimace England national team players It is a “decision savvy” and is a game changer when it is introduced. “It’s a team rule,” he said. “It’s a mistake that can happen. We can underline it and move on.”

Ten Hag added: “Everyone has to follow the rules and if you react like this It’s the correct answer.”

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Rashford’s form – 20 goals involved in all competitions for United – was partly a result of Crystal. Progressive identity at Ten Hag is given to United. using the horn on the left and removing the Ronaldo factor

“I’m back enjoying football again, 100 per cent,” Rashford explained in November.

“The manager has created a style of play that creates more quality opportunities. And we are playing really forward-looking football.

Those words mirrored Rashford’s analysis of the pre-season in Australia. He has detailed to Sky Sports News that he feels he will thrive under Ten Hag because “he wants us to do everything in a positive way. so for us It means a lot.” switch positions a lot Try to connect on the ball.”

Rashford’s shot placement, his runs into the box, plus his efficiency both on and off the ball has improved dramatically.

United are progressing individually and collectively under Ten Hag, but he has also elevated the club to a wider extent.

His influence screamed out as he looked at the recruits. except Casmero All players signed in the summer will be heavily pushed and cemented by the manager.

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