Liverpool and United have called for an end to the insults

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp and Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag have called for an end to prayers about tragedies such as Munich and Hillsborough before Premier League One. Sunday between the two teams at Anfield.

In a joint statement on the official websites of both clubs Klopp said: “We want noise. We need an opportunity to have friends. And we want a fun atmosphere.

“What we don’t want is anything other than that. And this applies to the kind of chants that have no room in football. If we can keep the passion and let go of the poison It will be much better for everyone.”

Ten Hag said: “It is unacceptable to use the loss of life – associated with any tragedy – to score points and it is time to stop.

“These responsible people are not only tarnishing the reputation of our club. but also the reputation of ourselves, our fans and our great city.”

“On behalf of myself, our players and our staff, we ask our fans to focus on supporting the team on Sunday. and represents our club in the right way.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk believes taking a confident and aggressive approach against Manchester United can help propel the club back into the top four.

Three wins and one draw, along with four clean sheets, mean Klopp’s side will face Sunday in a better Premier League position than last month when they lost 3-0 to Wolves.

United were the team in relegation form, picking up 23 points after the World Cup, the most of any other team. while they still won the Carabao Championship Cup last weekend as well

But Van Dijk wasn’t nervous ahead of Anfield, saying: “It’s a little game on its own.

“It probably gets all the hype that comes with it. And we are obviously not in good form. And they are in good form for sure.

“But we know what we are capable of. And we have to do our best, the players, the fans, and encourage it.”

“Everybody has to feel responsible for a good result. It’s not easy, it’s not easy for the fans either and sometimes you can be a little nervous. But we need everyone to support us no matter what.”

“We were able to beat them there [at Old Trafford in August], but obviously we lost (2-1) and that’s the truth.

“But we should have confidence, we should attack and I’m looking forward to it. Because you want to show your talent and show what you can do.”

“We will give everything and hopefully it will be a good game for our side. And we will keep going for the Champions League spot.”

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