Lakers signing Miles Bridges would be a new low for general manager Rob Pelinka

The Los Angeles Lakers are among several teams “monitoring the situation” when it comes to NBA restricted free agent Miles Bridges, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Bridges, 24, pleaded no contest to a felony case that the league is currently investigating to determine a punishment.

The Charlotte Hornets were set to give Bridges a max extension over the summer before his wife, Mychelle Johnson, accused him of beating her.

She posted pictures on Instagram showing severe bruises on her body and face.

Bridges won’t face any jail time, but he will serve three years of probation.

Rob Pelinka shouldn’t sign Miles Bridges

Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka is in the unique position to sign an elite-caliber player at a discount price.

When it comes to basketball, Bridges would be a perfect fit alongside LeBron James, but off-the-court issues are to be kept in perspective.

Fans would protest the signing and call for Pelinka’s job, which is already a talking point after getting a contract extension he doesn’t deserve.

Hornets owner Michael Jordan would be able to match any offer Bridges receives, though he’s likely smart enough to stay far away from the controversial player.

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