Jurgen Klopp unleashed Carlo Ancelotti’s mind game as soon as Liverpool were crushed.

Liverpool suffered their worst European defeat in Anfield history on Tuesday, but Jurgen Klopp is still looking to gain an advantage over Real Madrid for the second leg.

Jurgen Klopp has started playing mindgames with Carlo Ancelotti

A devastated Jurgen Klopp admits that Liverpool’s European dreams are over, as he seeks to drag Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti into mind games.

But even though the Reds boss can’t see a way back in the game against Madrid, after losing 5-2, he insists his side can’t allow them to be ravaged by the worst European defeat in Anfield history.

Los Blancos chairman Ancelotti insisted after the game he was not convinced the game would be won, regardless of the score. But Klopp hit back: “I think Carlo thinks the game is over – and I think it is also at the moment, but in three weeks.

“That’s how it is at times like this, the closer you get to the game, the more chances we have and the less likely it is to end. Tonight, at 5-2 and you saw the game, they were pretty good on the counter-attack.

“We have to score three goals there and take some risks, so it can be a little tricky. It wasn’t even on my mind. We go there, I can say it now, and try to win the game.

“Whether that’s possible or not I don’t know right now but that’s what we’ll try and from there we’ll see.”

Klopp however, could not hide his frustration at his side’s defence, after a superb start gave them a 2-0 lead and left Real hanging in the balance.

Liverpool were thrashed by Madrid on Tuesday night

“I know 5-2 can damage my team, but we have to make sure that doesn’t happen. Everything is pretty clear, we conceded five goals and could have done better with each one,” he said.

“With our start in the game it was very important we saw positive steps and it was probably the best we have shown in the season but their first two goals we have to do better – it was clear that we could have done better.

“In the first half we did well, but the third goal was a terrible goal – we had the momentum and at that point it was lost for the rest of the game.

“I could see that people would think this would damage the team but I told the boys afterwards that we have to learn from this and if you don’t learn from that great start then you have to. We have to make sure that we take things from this game.”

Ancelotti refused to get involved in Klopp’s attempted mind games, insisting there is still a long way to go for the game. And he called on his team to “manage” the second leg with the Reds having nothing to lose.

“We have benefited from the first 90 minutes and now we have to manage the second 90 minutes in Madrid well. Liverpool are a very competitive team and unfortunately the games are not over,” he said.

“Liverpool are a great team because they play at a high tempo and that is hard to come by in Europe. It will be difficult for us. Winning at Anfield is not easy and doing it convincingly is even more difficult. We are very happy about that.”

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