Jurgen Klopp rejects Liverpool transfer theory – “We HAVE to be in the market”

Jurgen Klopp rejects Liverpool transfer theory – “We HAVE to be in the market”

Jurgen Klopp rejects Liverpool transfer theory – “We HAVE to be in the market”

Jurgen Klopp admits no Champions League football “isn’t going to help” but insists Liverpool can’t let that impact “the summer we have to live out.”

The boss also dismissed theories that he was more involved in recent transfer decisions, saying that “I’ve always been of the same opinion.”

“It doesn’t help,” Klopp said of the transfer given the uncertainty over the club’s status in the Champions League. “Money always has an impact.

“But this can’t have that much of an impact, let me put it this way.

“Of course, it has an effect but it is a summer where we have to be in the market, of course.

“I’m sorry that I can’t guarantee the Champions League at the moment but we will fight for it, it’s not done yet so we don’t have to talk about it like it’s impossible.

“We have to start doing the job earlier before we know where we will end up based on European position and competition. These things are clear.”

On the growing theory that he is becoming more prominent in transfers, Klopp added: “I have more opinions? I always say the same thing and don’t say it.

“I can’t decide at all about money, not about a penny.

“It’s always the same. I’m not sure if an old school manager might have a budget and be able to work with this but nothing like this.

“[The process of identifying players] is exactly the same.”

The importance of securing the next transfer window is obvious, with Liverpool’s needs seemingly increasing day by day.

But that all came to light without the appointment of a new sporting director and the FSG’s search for minority investment is still ongoing, the latter of which is beyond Klopp’s control.

“I’m not looking for investors. Not yet,” the manager said with a wry smile. “It is funny.

“My job is to make sure we make it 100 per cent clear what we need from a sporting point of view, and then someone else is in charge of giving us the resources.

“I have nothing to do with it, how is that possible? I think we played five seasons in a row in a very big Champions League, and went to the final three times, which is huge in terms of money.

“Yes, we built stands and a training ground, the club is in a very good place. Around us, of course, some [club] players are a bit quicker, we can’t ignore that.

“But it’s still about finding the right players, it’s not about bringing in lots of players, it’s about the right [players].

“Thank God, in the world of football, there are many good players, not all of them are affordable or willing to come, but there are many good players out there.”

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