Jude Belllingham’s transfer attitude arises when Jurgen Klopp Ponders rebuild

Jude Belllingham is still the top transfer of Liverpool, but there is a concern that the new bad form is Reds may have prevented the British star from moving to Anfield

This is a tough week for Liverpool, which the disaster campaign reached a new lowest point when they were destroyed 5-2 by Real Madrid in mid-week.

The Reds now has one month to regroup before their second foot battle at Bernabeu, but before that, the Jurgen Klopp team had a difficult trip to Crystal Palace to negotiate on Saturday.

Apart from their defeat in Europe, Liverpool headed for the match this weekend from behind consecutive premier league victory, which could stand in a well -known Eagles.

Far from the field, transfer speculation continues to overflow because we are getting closer to the end of the campaign. Here, Mirror Football sees all the latest news from inside and around Anfield …

Bellingham’s transfer attitude arises
Jude Belllingham is still open to joining Liverpool in the summer – although the Reds seriously struggled.

Belllingham, 19, is expected to be the latest superstar who leaves Borussia Dortmund in the summer with a blockbuster transfer fee. Liverpool has long been referred to as a pioneer for the signature of the English midfielder, but there is a concern that they can, in fact, miss remembering they are not near echelon over the Premier League Premier

However, Belllingham has not been postponed by new results -this is the Reds. And it could mean that Liverpool will lead their midfield improvement by getting their top transfer targets in the summer – if they can meet the demands of Borussia Dortmund.

Jurgen Klopp is expected to overhaul his troops in the summer

Klopp rebuilding plan
After one season of chaos, Jurgen Klopp will not be under the illusion of what to do in the summer to ensure the Reds continue to challenge the grandest prize of football.

With Liverpool now determined to end the silver without the campaign after their Champions League persecuted in the hands of Real Madrid, attention can shift slightly to the summer transfer window. It has been well documented that Merseyside’s clothing tends to be in the market for new midfielders – but there are others that need attention as well.

A number of suburbs also tend to leave Anfield in the summer, which means the Reds can be in a busy summer. Mirror Football assesses some of the changes that can be available below.

John W. Henry and FSG appointed Klopp back in 2015

Deja Vu for Klopp after FSG message
Jurgen Klopp was urged by Liverpool fans to rebuild his surrounded troops – as he did after taking over in 2015.

The German coach was appointed by the Fenway Sports Group to guide the Reds back to the summit after the mantra in the wilderness of football. However, rebuilding like that must be much easier, considering the bay in the class between the current Liverpool squad and One Klopp inherited seven and a half years ago.

Klopp even revealed in 2021 that FSG sent him a message to apologize for the chaos he had taken over. He insinuated that he had no worries, only he would need time to be alone. He found himself in a similar situation, though better, right now.

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