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Chelsea have been super busy this transfer window, carrying on from a similar spending pattern from the summer. Will it stop there though? I’d be absolutely shocked it if does.

We have all been reading about a pursuit for a new midfielder and a right back to follow on from the business already done this window by Chelsea. But the days are passing by now, and tomorrow sees just five full days left of the window. Time is running out, and what Chelsea will do in these final days has become massively unpredictable.

We’ve seen various and contrasting reports about the Enzo Fernandez pursuit and whether that could get done. Then there is the offer that went in last week for Moises Caicedo and whether that will be revisited.

There’s a pursuit for right back Malo Gusto of Lyon, and there is also talk of potentially loaning in a new midfielder in these final days rather than spending big on an Enzo or a Caicedo for example.

Chelsea certainly need to sign a new midfielder in my view, and it should have always been the main priority this month. But it’s yet to be addressed, whilst other areas on the pitch have been.

I do think we should expect one or two big surprises during these late stages of the window, and I think we might have to get ready for a bumpy ride of more contrasting reports, and the whole ‘will we, won’t we’ transfer sagas.

They have a clear plan to try and sign two more players, but it becomes harder to do the later in the window, and there might be some more urgency seen now going into the weekend and over the weekend, especially with no games on for Chelsea at least.

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