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Gustavo Scarpa is leaving Palmeiras for Nottingham Forest, in England, and lived the best moments of his career in the last two seasons at the São Paulo club. In early 2022, the midfielder participated in the Club World Cup wearing the alviverde shirt and, before the final against Chelsea, he had to occupy his mind and relieve the tension of the decision.

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It was the most important moment of my career. Not that I was going to go crazy, but for me to be mentally well, I needed to go skateboarding to vent. I took my skateboard, I tried to walk the first day in the room and I couldn’t, it was small – he said in an episode of Palmeiras Cast, after Raphael Veiga revealed that he recorded videos of his friend practicing the sport around the hotel.

Scarpa had to talk to an important director at Palmeiras to get out of his room and skate: Anderson Barros. In addition, he had to convince the Abu Dhabi hotel to authorize it.

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I called Anderson (Barros) and said: I need his help, I need to skate, I need to vent. I can’t stand it, I can’t stand being inside the room. I went to talk to the hotel guy, they didn’t speak in English. I went to discuss it with the manager so he could free up some space. From the third day to the final, walking every day, they were free. An hour-and-a-half session, I even asked Veiga to record it – he completed

The player has spoken several times about the importance of skateboarding in his personal life. After training, he usually rests and then “leaves for the session”, either in the afternoon or in the evening.

Sometimes my body gets tired, but the mind rests and renews the body. It’s crazy to feel, to live – said the athlete, who also revealed his happiness to meet the main skaters in the world in the final of the Street League of Skateboarding (SLS), world championship of skate street.

Agreed with Nottingham Forest, Scarpa revealed that he did not believe he would leave Palmeiras. He recognized that this year was the best of his career and leaves Verdão with 233 games and eight titles: two Libertadores, two Brasileiros, two Paulistas, a Copa do Brasil and a Recopa Sudamericana.

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