Every word from Erik’s press conference

You’ve had to play with five different backlines in the six matches. How much of a challenge is that in terms of getting a rhythm ahead of this match?
“I think we only conceded one goal in the past [games after the restart]. We made changes but we were also quite stable in a certain back four.”

You talked about the process. How big of a part has Casemiro played in that?
“That is quite obvious. I have said it from the beginning, this team they need a six. But what is a six? What is the definition. So control, holding midfielder, but he is so important. He is the cement between the stones, I often say, but it means defending, organisation, [he] knows his position, so anticipating, pointing. He is in the right position, winning balls for the team, duels winning. But also in possession, he can accelerate, speed up the game. He is a typical… he has that competence to give to a top team on the top level. There are not many players of this quality in the world. He is one of them, so we are really happy to have him on board, because he makes a huge difference.”

You said you need to wait until tomorrow to find out if Martial is available. How much would it change your plans if he is not available?
”He [Weghorst] is not [available]. Weghorst wasn’t available in the last weeks, so it would be a bonus if he was. Hopefully he will soon be there and also, we are winning a lot of games without Anthony Martial.”

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