Every word from Erik ten Hag pre West Ham FA Cup press conference part two 28 Feb 2023

Erik do you look out for players whose levels might have dropped after you have won a trophy? Is that what you have to look out for as a manager, to make sure that doesn’t happen?
”Of course, but I think first, the players have to take responsibility for that. They have to take responsibility for their performance. I can see that. It is just a trophy, but it is not the end of the season. So what I hear around me, when I also see the comments, maybe. But when I see the fight in the dressing room, yesterday, it is not like we are satisfied, we want to do better. I think that is quite clear and also quite inspiring. It is not the end, definitely not.”

With Martial, do you know when he will be back? Will he play before the March internationals?
”I hope but I won’t give a prospective [time] or an expectation about that. [I will] let him do his work as several times now he has been back and he drops back too quickly. So we [have to] give him the time and I hope he is [then] on board [as available again], but first, in this moment, we are doing really well in the set-up. When he is available, we will have another option, a good option. Let’s give him the time and we will see when he is back. Then we will be happy because we have a quality option extra for the rest of the season.”

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