Erik ten Hag full matchday Q and A before Liverpool v Man Utd on 05 February 2023

Both teams are full of world class players, so who or what can make a difference in a big game like this?
”The character makes a difference. The one who is the most resilient and have the most spirit in the team. [Whoever is] most brave will win the game.”

This fixture is really famous for being a tempestuous one, big atmosphere expected, what are the challenges in preparing players for a game like that?
”The players are used to playing those games. We also have the experience [of] playing Liverpool, or if they played Liverpool away, or Manchester United v Liverpool, then they have played [against] Barcelona or Real Madrid. They know how to deal with such locations.”

We have scored two or more goals in each of our last 12 games, so what’s behind our improvement in that aspect of the game?
”We are more effective. That’s coming from the progress we are making in our attacking way of play. That’s about routines, getting the right structures in and how players play often together and the routines are improving, then you score more. Scoring is about small details, so when the routines are better, then when you have the opportunity to score, you are more effective, and it is higher.”

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