Could the FIA open an investigation into Checo Perez’s Monaco crash?

The Brazilian Grand Prix marked the first real controversy between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Running sixth and seventh with Verstappen ahead, the Red Bull team asked their reigning champion to move over for Perez to help the Mexican in his battle for second in the Drivers’ Champion.

Verstappen refused which drew Perez’s ire. Following the race Perez flatly told the media that Verstappen had two world championships because of him. However with the situation escalating the Red Bull team decided to quell tensions by having a meeting behind closed doors.

Following the meeting the tension between the drivers seems to have settled down with both men refusing to harp on the incident when speaking to the media.

However, the situation could be far from settled.

Can the FIA investigate the Monaco incident

The rift between Verstappen and Perez seems to date back to this year’s Monaco Grand Prix when Perez allegedly crashed into the barriers on purpose. The resulting Red Flag meant Perez started one position ahead of Verstappen with the Mexican going on to win the race.

While Perez has admitted his guilt to his Red Bull bosses, the situation could be escalated if Verstappen were to lodge a complaint with the FIA. FIA President Ben Sulayem has stated that the organization is open to launching an investigation if necessary, and with Verstappen being privy to a host of telemetry data, the Dutchman could be the catalyst for starting F1’s latest controversy.

Ricciardo signs as reserve

Elsewhere Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko stated that Daniel Ricciardo would be joining the team as an offical reserve in 2023. Considering the fact that Ricciardo is well regarded at the Milton Keynes outfit, the situation could be bad news for Perez’s future at the team.

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