Chris Hemsworth is taking a break from acting after discovering his high Alzheimer’s risk

Chris Hemsworth has revealed he’s taking some time out from acting after he found out he has a concerningly high predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease.

The actor has recently been filming his new documentary series Limitless, which as the name suggests, involves Hemsworth finding ways to push himself to the physical brink as he explores the various ways to increase longevity.

Whilst filming, the Thor actor did various genetic tests and it was thanks to them that he discovered that he carries two copies of a gene which have extremely close associations with dementia, the disease caused by Alzehimers.

As revealed by the doctor who performed the genetic tests on Hemsworth, only 3% of the population have this specific double copy of the gene, which increases the risk of the disease by 8-10%.

As he explains in Vanity Fair, the discovery has prompted the actor to take some time off. “It really triggered something in me to want to take some time off. And since we finished the show, I’ve been completing the things I was already contracted to do.Now when I finish this tour this week, I’m going home and I’m going to have a good chunk of time off and just simplify. Be with the kids, be with my wife”, he said

Hemsworth also revealed that his grandfather is currently suffering from dementia and that the disease is something that has affected his family: “I’m not sure he actually remembers much anymore and he slips in and out of Dutch, which is his original language, so he’ll be talking Dutch and English and then a mash-up and then maybe some other new words as well.”

Hemsworth’s new six-part series Limitless is now available to watch on National Geographic.

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