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Graham Potter has reportedly been told to get his tin hat out ready for the storms, but Chelsea fans might well need to find a tin hat as well, to get through the turbulent times we are facing!

I must admit I had to laugh when I saw Matt Law’s second Telegraph article of the day about Graham Potter come out on Monday afternoon saying the club had told Potter to get his tin hat at the ready. All I can do is laugh at this point!

Of course, it’s a sentiment to how he is going to be receiving pelters from fans and media alike as we head deep into a very turbulent time at the club. Things are gloomy, they really are.

But I’ve also now donned my tin hat, and I’m ready!

My take on the whole situation is that is was only a few weeks ago that we were all on cloud nine after a fantastic transfer window at the club, and the future looking really good. That future STILL looks really good, nothing has changed.

The frustrations of Saturday are still there, of course. We digressed, and that is what pained me at the time. I wanted to see the continued progression of a good performance in Dortmund despite the loss, but we went backwards. That was frustrating and tough to take.

I understand calls for Potter to be sacked, I do. There are many questions being asked about him now that are fully warranted.

But my stance is that I have trust and faith in the owners to make the right decisions for the club right now. And they see that as backing Potter. So I’m with them. If they decide to sack Potter, I’d also understand and back that stance too.

This is where I’m at as of now, I still hold some patience. Of course, this could soon change and I won’t be afraid to call it as I see it going forward. If I truly ever feel Potter needs to go, I will say that.

Apart from some teething problems in the summer, the new owners have not done anything for me not to trust them or to turn on them. They’ve showed ambition, they’ve spent A LOT of money investing in the squad, and they have hired a world class recruitment team to lead us forward. It would be foolish for me not to back them after all of that. They listen to fans and I appreciate that.

Unfortunately some fans look past human aspects and just want silverware every single season. That’s what we have fed upon in the last 20 years, so I get that as well. But I’ve been here and seen it all before at this club, and that’s why I never let these situations get me down. I know there will be good times again very soon and light at the end of the tunnel.

I feel big things coming with this club again soon, but we are in a period of climbing a few hills to get there. One moment (in January) we reached the top of the hill, and then we have to go down before we go up again. The hills will soon level out, I have no doubts about that.

We need results, there are no two ways about that. Fans have turned on Potter and you can feel that out there right now. But the club are backing Potter, so that means I am too. It’s not blind backing from me, I see his issues, and I am not 100% confident that he is the guy anymore. But I’m on this train with the club right now and I’m not about to jump off.

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