CBS Aborts tweeting the news now that things are shaky at Elon’s domain

CBS may have started a ripple effect as they decided to hit the pause button on all publishing efforts on Twitter after Elon Musk took over the bird.

The news division from the network made this public and said it was constantly monitoring what happens so it can deliberate if it will continue using the platform.

The first time that they made a public statement was on “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell,” and later, it was confirmed by the entire network.

Nationwide suspension

And this applies to the whole country even with its local divisions, and it seems that they will continue suspending all communication throughout the platform.

The main reason for the network’s decision to suspend their communication through Twitter seems to be that before Musk’s hand was in the birdcage, people would go to the platform to get the news quickly and it was trustworthy, and the traffic was favored for the company, not it seems that people are no longer thinking about it the same way.

First order of business, giving back suspended accounts

It is not new that Elon Musk’s input into companies seems controversial, and the first thing that he did was reinstate banned accounts, such as the ones from Jordan Peterson, Kathy Griffin, and most recently former President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is back on Twitter

To reinstate the latter’s account, he made a poll to see what the people believed and thought about Trump getting access to his account so he could post again, and as he said, he respected the will of the public, who ruled in favor of the former billionaire who’s account was suspended following the acts of January 6th.

No statement by CBS

Meanwhile, CBS has not made a full statement on whether or not they will continue to suspend their publication on the platform.

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