Boxing: Jake Paul refuses to pay Tommy Fury and calls him a ‘fraud’ in their latest rift

Youtube star and now professional boxer, Jake Paul has told Tommy Fury that he won’t be paying him a single cent and that negotiations for the fight between the two of them will be handled by Fury’s promoter Frank Warren, as Paul believes that Tommy and his dad are frauds.

How did this back and forth start this week?

Jake Paul recently announced that he had agreed to fight Tommy Fury in the United Kingdom as his opponent continues to have problems entering the United States following a travel ban.

Fury tweeted at Paul in an effort to speed negotiations up and said that he was glad to see that the location and time had been agreed upon. Then he went on to instruct Paul to have his team negotiate properly and not try and use the old terms and agreements they had for the previous fight.

But Jake Paul quickly responded and clapped back at his rival, stating that he believes Fury and his dad to be frauds and assuring him or his team will never risk any more money by giving it to them and said that the deals pends on their promoter paying Fury and his team and not Paul directly.

Jake Paul confronted Tommy Fury recently

Jake Paul has insisted he wants to fight Tommy Fury for some time now and he confronted him during his fight against Rolly Lambert in Dubai last weekend and that appearance seemed to set everything off for this fight in England.

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