Bonus Payments: Who will receive a special check for $1,500 in December?

Inside the great state of Arkansas, Americans can expect a one-time bonus check of $1,500 by next month. These are arriving right on time for the Christmas and other holiday celebrations since it was approved in the month of May. Such payments will be directed a many of the teachers that are being rewarded for working during the pandemic as they jobs became more of a challenge that forced them to transition to remote learning. Certain teachers in the state will expect a $1,500 bonus payment that comes from a certified salary schedule of $4.5 million for the district.

Who qualifies for these bonus payments?

These bonuses apply to ‘veteran’ teachers in the Fort Smith Public School (FSPS) system, according to Talk Business. Groups that are eligible will be classroom teachers, interventionists, instructional specialists, special education coordinators, and adult education teachers. Principals or assistant principals can also qualify, they are considered school administrators. However, District-level administrators including department directors do no qualify for this payment.

Other public servants such as nurses, police officers, professional support staff, physical and occupational therapy assistants, or SLP assistants won’t be eligible for having separate salary schedules. This money can be expected by teachers and other qualified staff by December 15. They also get another benefit known as the Certified Salary Schedule, it raises their salary by an average $3,471.81 per annum. This represents a 5.89 pay increase for the 2022-23 contract year.

Teachers can also expect an increased pay between $800 to $6,300 during the following contract year after this approved schedule added $5,500 to the base pay from $38,500 to $44,000 in the next year. The percentage increase in the following year of contract will range between 1.16% and 16.04%. Other states with similar programs are Nebraska and the District of Columbia. Feel free to check on your own state’s benefits at any of their official websites, depending on the state.

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