Antonio Brown leaves Tom Brady alone to now slam another superstar QB on social media

Former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay BuccaneersWR Antonio Brown has taken a break from launching his attacks on former Bucs teammate Tom Brady and is now directing his social media criticism at another superstar NFL QB.

Now it’s Aaron Rodgers’ turn, to whom Brown launched attacks after Green Bay’s 27-17 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the Thursday Night Football game.

He points out that Davante Adams was not liked by A-Rod

Brown, who became a social media topic last year when he left Tampa Bay in the middle of a game, believes that receiver Davante Adams‘ departure from Green Bay to the Las Vegas Raiders was due to Rodgers‘ poor image of Adams.

In a tweet, Brown commented, “I bet Arod (Aaron Rodgers) appreciates WRs now. Wonder why Adams left.” Adams was Rodgers’ star receiver until last season, but decided to switch teams and sign a multi-million contract with Raiders.

With his message, Brown implies that GB’s 12 didn’t think highly of his receiver. The result has been bad for both, as both Raiders and Packers are having a bad season.

In another tweet, which he posted five minutes after the first, Brown wrote: “They say the grass is always greener on the other side. But what they don’t tell you is that it’s artificial turf,” implying that neither Rodgers nor Green Bay management appreciated Adams‘ talent and offensive production, and the results are the Packers’ poor season.

His favorite target was Tom Brady

In months and weeks past, Tom Brady was the target of scathing comments from Brown, whom Brady brought to Tampa Bay and with whom he won the Super Bowl against the Chiefs.

Brown recently mocked Brady and Gisele Bndchen’s divorce, and even posted a photo of him with Gisele on his networks during Brown’s time with Brady in Bucs.

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