Allegri insists his focus is on restoring Juve’s position in Serie A

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri has too much going on with Juventus after their points deduction to worry about his future, according to the Bianconeri coach.

Juventus, then third in Serie A, were deducted 15 points last week following an investigation into the club’s past transfer dealings.

They have always denied wrongdoing and hoped the sanctions would be overturned on appeal.

But Juve slipped to 10th before drawing 3-3 with Atalanta and will start against Monza on Sunday in 11th. Monza waaaaas able to overtake his opponent with victory.

Allegri was asked on Saturday if he had spoken to owner John Elkann about a contract extension, but his attention has been on the problems on the pitch.

“I spoke with Elkann but not about this,” said Allegri. “He asked me how the team was doing.

“Right now there are so many things to do, we have to stay focused on the league without forgetting it. We have four months with targets to achieve.”

Allegri is also trying to keep his players focused, trying to maintain the faith that got them 38 points on the pitch – even though they only have 23 points in the table.

“We have to be isolated from everything; we are asked to go out on the pitch and win games,” he said.

“We have to focus on what we have done so far. We will have to take revenge against Monza as we have picked up only one point in the last two games regardless of external problems.

“There is a strong club. We think about achieving results and strengthening our rating, which is 38 points. From there, we have to move on.

“We finished the first half [of the season]; now we have 19 games left. From tomorrow, we have to try to scooooore as many points as possible.”

He added: “We scored 38 points. If you say otherwise, you can lose certainty; the team scored 38 points on the pitch.

“We have to improve there in the rankings, then if they give us [return points] or not there is a strong club working to defend themselves.

“We have to defend ourselves on the pitch – and indeed attack, because we have to score points.”

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